Tylo Jam

Composition :

Each 100 g contains:

Tylosin Tartrate 80 g , Excipients up to 100 g

Packing : 100g , 500g , 1000g
Effective material : 80%
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Drug Interactions :


Side effects:

Diarrhea, pain, skin reactions.

Withdrawal Period :

Meat: 5 days. Eggs: 3 days.

Preservation :

Store in a dry and dark place at a temperature not exceeding 25° C.


Indications :

It is used in poultry, turkey and pigeons in cases of Mycoplasma, chronic colds choriza (normal cold), inflammation of the air sacs, inflammation of the synovial membranes of the joints, inflammation of the nasal cavities, chlamydia and Avian Spirochaetosis (spiroquita), Pasteurella, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus and various stress situations in poultry.

Contraindications :

Hypersensitivity to tylosin.

Hepatic and excretory dysfunction.

Dosing & Usage

Usage :

It is given by drinking water.

Dosing :

Preparation of the solution: 20 liters of water are added to the amount of treatment, not the other way around, and it is very dissolved, then the solution is added to the prescribed amount of water.

In the case of respiratory infections and other cases in poultry (0.5% solution) i.e. 125 g per 200 liters of water for 3-5 days, depending on the severity of the infection.

Pigeons: 25 mg/kg live weight four times daily for 3-5 days.

Or as directed by a veterinarian.