Tinacid Jam

Composition :

Each 100 ml contains:

Amprolium HCl 10 g , Sulfaquinoxaline sodium 10 g , Sulphadimidine sodium 10 g , Excipients up to 100 ml

Packing : 1000ml
Effective material : 30%
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Drug Interactions :

Giving Thiamine in high doses may reduce the efficacy of amprolium.

Side effects:

None when adhering to the recommended doses.

Withdrawal Period :

Meat: 3 days.

Preservation :

Store in a dry and dark place at a temperature not exceeding 25° C.


Indications :

It is used to treat poultry coccidiosis, as it affects Eimeria tenella, necatrix, Acerfulina and Brunetti. It also affects some intestinal bacteria, especially Ecoli and salmonella.

Contraindications :

It should not be given to chickens producing eggs intended for human consumption.

Dosing & Usage

Usage :

It is given orally after mixing it with drinking water.

Dosing :

Poultry: 100 ml /100 liters of drinking water for 5 days as follows:

Treatment for three consecutive days, then a day of rest, then treatment for two consecutive days within the regular dose or as directed by the veterinarian.