Jamma Clobicox

Composition :

Each 1000 g contains:

Clopidol 125 g , Excipients up to 1000 g

Packing : 1000g , 25kg
Effective Material : 12.5%
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Drug Interactions :


Side Effects :


Withdrawal Period :

5 days.

Preservation :

Store in a dry and dark place at a temperature not exceeding 25° C.


Indications :

Jamma Clobicox 12.5 is used to prevent infection from all types of coccidiosis that affect poultry, especially Eimeria (Tinella, Nicatrix Acerfulina, Maxima, Brunetti).

Contraindications :

It shouldn’t be given with other anti-coccidiosis.

Dosing & Usage

Usage :

It is given mixed with feed.

Dosing :

Mixes 1000 g/ton of feed well and homogeneously.

Or as directed by your vet.